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Before and After 8 – Non Surgical Vein Treatment

Non-Surgical Vein Treatment

69yrs Male

This patient had a long history of varicose veins, however noticed increased swelling over the last 2 years especially in hot weather.  He also advised that his legs feel achey, throb and experiences restless legs.  The VenaSeal procedure was performed on both legs.  Post treatment photos were taken at 9 months.

Non-Surgical Vein Treatment

52yrs Female

This patient experienced ache, throbbing and pain in both legs. She also presented with swelling in the ankles. After her assessment the VNUS Closure procedure was performed on both legs. Post treatment photo was taken at 6 month follow up.

Non-Surgical Vein Treatment

31yrs Female

This patient had varicose veins since last pregnancy over 6 years ago, but noticed in the last 2 months that they are painful especially after sitting. The VenaSeal procedure was performed on one leg with some additional Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy.  Post treatment photos were taken at 15 months.